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The Brewster Genealogy by Emma C. Brewster Jones
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I have not been able to upload the book but I did find a link on the internet and it is here.  I have not quit trying and it may be here.  Please review the index and feel free to copy this book to your computer. The cost for this information is between ten dollars and a couple hundred.  This is free. 

Volume 1:


Volume 2 (with name index in the back for research):


Once this uploads it will look like a book cover but just click your pdf up arrow or go to the back of the book, type in last page and then go up 10 pages or so to find where you want to be in the index.  The pages are not perfect because there is a forward in the book so page one really is 78 pages into the book because of pdf reference not the book.  If you get roman numerals then go there but if you get real numbers add 78 to them and you will find your reference.  Please leave me feedback if this is a pain to use but it is a start and the only book on line for our family.